The Fifth Festigalgal has arrived in Jerusalem!
For those who do not know, the Festigalgal is a CARNIVAL for CYCLISTS. The event takes place in several areas around the city, highlighting the exciting cycling culture who's heart beats to the rhythm of Jerusalem.
>>> The event begins with something for the younger generation at Park Gonenim: a farewell party to training wheels! An experienced riding instructor will accompany anyone interested in taking the first steps in removing training wheels and will offer useful tips to parents and children. (Details on this workshop will be in a separate post.)
>> Next up, we will continue with a group ride! Come with costumes and face paint! The ride will be accompanied by live music, and special surprises all along the track! Can you imagine anything more wonderful than the autumn weather in our beautiful city as you glide along Park HaMesila? Park Gonenim will be our starting point for the group ride. (Details on surprises along the the track, also in a separate post.)
>> Haven't touched your bike in a while? Loose brakes? No worries! A last-minute "repair stand" will be there for you to tune-up your bicycle (and we'll even add some color and flags if you like!). Come in costume if you like and with festive colors, paint, or decorations. This is the opportunity to completely Pimp Your Ride!
>>> At the information station in the park, route maps will be distributed to each rider and explanation/guidance given to whoever needs. (Details about the path in a separate post.)
The group ride can be as relaxed or intense as you like! Enjoy a peaceful ride, or pedal hard to the final destination – HaMiffal !
>>>> At 13:00 Tigris will begin playing! You do NOT want to miss this! The ensemble blends both Western and Eastern African, as well as Caribbean music styles from the 70's, with contemporary pop and rock, creating a modern and unique sound. The music of Tigris is characterized by psychedelic, traditional and modern sounds, from the depths of various jungles across the universe…
Roy Hermon – Keyboards
Ilan Smilan – Guitar
Amir Sadot – Bass
Oded Aloni – Cajón and Percussion
Itamar Katzir – African Drums
>> In the yard of HaMiffal the musice DJ Amit Aliasi-Good Wave will greet you and anyone who wants to decorate and repair their bike can do so – along with some cold beer 🙂
>>>> There will be DIY bike repair workshops, a panel on cycling in urban spaces, and a graffiti artist who will bring you dreams to life and help you turn your bike into a collector's item! Pick up and install more bicycle gear and meet other groups of cyclists from Jerusalem. This is a great opportunity to learn more routes and add friends to your cycling social network!
>>>> Hungry? Grab some sabih from Adir, some of the tastiest sabih in the world! Incredibly fresh sabih with the freshest pita!
>>>> OK, so what is schedule you're asking?
10:00-12:00 Farewell party for training wheels at Gonenim Park
11:00-12:00 Meet for group ride, explanation, and bicycle decorating/tune-up at Gonenim Park
12:00 Launch time for group ride!
12: 00-15:00 Workshops, beer, music, and treats at HaMiffal
There's ups and downs in Jerusalem, which makes it not easy so to live nor riding a bike but the Jerusalem's Bicycle Carnival is back pumping the city,
and this is how it's gonna work:
✮✮✮ the responsibility for the ride is on you ✮✮✮
✮✮✮ we recommend bringing helmet, water and comfortable clothing✮✮✮
Without you it cannot have happened: Thank you for everyone who take part